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We reserve more than 1,000 kinds of special organic silicone monomers production processes and technologies

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Silane and silicone are pivotal in hydrophobic material applications. They create surfaces that repel water, enhancing durability and longevity. Used in construction, automotive, and textiles, these materials protect against moisture,

Silane and silicone are pivotal in separation science, enhancing the efficiency of chromatographic columns. Their unique properties improve column stability and selectivity, enabling precise separation of complex biological and chemical

Conductive coatings leverage silane and silicone technology to enhance electrical conductivity in various applications. They are essential in electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries, providing reliable EMI shielding and anti-static properties.

Advanced ceramics benefit immensely from the use of silanes and silicones, which enhance thermal stability, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance. These materials improve surface properties, enabling better adhesion and durability

Technical Guides

silane coupling agents

Silane coupling agents improve inorganic-organic adhesion. They strengthen and prolong composite, coating, and adhesive bonds, essential for advanced material applications.

reactive silicone

Reactive silicones chemically bond with substrates, improving sealants, adhesives, and coatings. They improve durability and flexibility in various applications.


Chlorosilanes are essential silicone and siloxane intermediates. They are essential to improving polymers and coatings.

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Seamless Service Solutions for All Our Products

Our company offers Seamless Service Solutions for all our products, specializing in the development of over 1,000 unique silicone monomers and maintaining a long-term inventory of 800+ products. We provide technical services to enhance product modifications, especially in coatings, lithium batteries, and biomedicine. Additionally, we extend our expertise in the modification of water-based coatings, marine coatings, and lithium batteries. Our commitment to specialized silicone product development is exemplified through collaborations with large companies like Samsung, Sinopec, and Michelin, ensuring confidentiality and quality in all product modifications.

Development of Silicone Monomers

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Specialized Silicone Product Development

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Innovation Responsibility

Committing to ethical R&D practices, focusing on advancements in biomedicine and eco-friendly materials.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring superior product quality and safety through strict adherence to ISO90001 standards.

Sustainable Production

Implementing eco-friendly practices to minimize environmental impact from manufacturing processes.

Community Support

Engaging in initiatives that contribute positively to our local communities and stakeholders.

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