Advanced Applications of Silane & Silicone

We will share the silane and silicone applications in all industry.

Silane and silicone are pivotal in hydrophobic material applications. They create surfaces that repel water, enhancing durability and longevity. Used in construction, automotive, and textiles, these materials protect against moisture,

Silane and silicone are pivotal in separation science, enhancing the efficiency of chromatographic columns. Their unique properties improve column stability and selectivity, enabling precise separation of complex biological and chemical

Conductive coatings leverage silane and silicone technology to enhance electrical conductivity in various applications. They are essential in electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries, providing reliable EMI shielding and anti-static properties.

Advanced ceramics benefit immensely from the use of silanes and silicones, which enhance thermal stability, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance. These materials improve surface properties, enabling better adhesion and durability

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Our Services

Multiple supply schemes

R & D center, pilot plant, cooperative factory, holding factory and self-built factory that supply grams to tons level production capacity based on advantage special production lines.

Our Services

Professional technical team

R&D team 25 peoples with comprehensive organic silicone monomers technology with more than 10 years of technology development experience including 5 PD degree. Can provide more than 30 kinds of reactions with technology package contains routes of synthesis of more than 1,000 monomers. Focus on technology development and analysis.

Our Services

Complete QA system

Accepted audit of many domestic and foreign companies to provide customers with perfect and stable supply service based on ISO system and GMP regulation. Long term supply history of famous great companies.

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We have a group of experienced scientific researchers in the research and development and production of silicone products.